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How to install the product

Before you install

Before you start to install the product you should do the following:
  • Start by reassuring that you meet the requirements
  • IM Agent Manager does not have to be installed on the Sametime server, it can run anywhere, as long as the agents can connect from there to a community.

Installing the product

If you're ready to install, these are the step you should go through:
  • Download the trial, if you haven't done that yet
  • Unzip the file to a location of your choice
  • Start the imam.exe from the "imam" folder

Uninstalling the product

When you're done using the product you can remove the product by following these simple steps:
  • Remove the imam folder
  • Remove any created project and agent files
  • That's it.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can browse some of the most frequently asked questions:
Does IM Agent Manager run on Linux?
No not yet. But we are planning it in a future version.

Does IM Agent Manager include any stress testing tools?
No not yet. We have made a prototype for a stress test tool plugin, but its still on the drawingboard.

Does IM Agent Manager support IBM Notes / Domino 9?

Does IM Agent Manager support IBM Sametime 9?

Does IM Agent Manager support IBM DB2 JCC/v9?

Can I use JDBC drivers, that are not included in IM Agent Manager?
Yes, you should be able to add the jar/zip files to the /ext folder for the Java Runtime, that IM Agent Manager is running on.

Can I use ODBC sources?
Yes, you can use the JDBC/ODBC driver included in IM Agent Manager. You can use all the standard ODBC sources to search Excel, Access and other typical ODBC data sources.

What is required if I want to use a NON IBM Sametime enabled client?
Then you would have to install the IBM Sametime Gateway, which enables IM services to other SIP based clients, like Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk and others.

What happens when the trial license expires?
The program will stop to function.

How can I get a full license?
Use the Contact Us page.

What does the license structure look like?
This is how it works:
  • You pay a one time base fee for the product
  • And you pay a low license fee for every user using the agents

NOTE: The number of agents and the traffic/usage load, does NOT affect the license fee.

How can I get support?
Use the Contact Us page.
We can offer online support via IBM Sametime and by phone.

Can IM Agent Manager run as a Windows Service?
Yes. In the full version you get a separate IM Agent Server application that runs as a service.
The Java technology used for service enablement, is JavaWrapper.

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