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The tech talk

IM Agent Manager is an Eclipse RCP (Rich Client Platform) application, used to design, execute and manage IM agents (chat robots).

Integration technologies (Connectors)

IM Agent Manager currently includes the following connectors, out-of-the-box:
  • IBM Domino
  • XML
  • Google Webservice
  • OS Process
  • HTTP requests

How it works

  • The agents connects to its data source and a Lotus Sametime community, and waits for requests
  • User starts a chat session with an agent, by sending a chat-based command (request)
  • The agent performs its configured action and returns the result


  • Easy integration to many data sources
  • Wizard based agent creation
  • Query and exception logger and viewers
  • Query result caching
  • Management of access/usage of agents
  • Separate OS Service enabled IM Agent Server (FULL VERSION ONLY)


To run IM Agent Manager you need the following:
  • Windows 2000 and higher (client or server)
  • IBM Sametime (from version 2.5 to 9)
  • Java Runtime 1.5 or later

*Linux versions planned in the near future.

Technical validations

This product, and its software code, have been technically validated by IBM.

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