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Who is Semaphor?

About the company

Since 1992 Semaphor, a danish IBM Business Partner, has delivered IT solutions and services, for small and large companies.

What do we do

Our primary business is focused on hosting, designing, developing and delivering support, within IBM and opensource technologies.

When it comes to IBM products, we mainly work with:
  • IBM Sametime
  • IBM Notes / Domino
  • IBM WebSphere

Our customers

Here is some of the areas that our customers cover:
  • Art, Museum and cultural institutions
  • Banking and Securities Services
  • Danish Animal Welfare Society
  • Hosting and IT services
  • Tourist organizations
  • Pharma and medicals

Contact information

Semaphor is located in central Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our address:

Trekronergade 147B
DK-2500 Valby

Phone:(+45) 35 300 700 (in danish only)
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