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What is IM Agent Manager?

An integration platform, that enables access to business services via instant messaging, from mobile devices, chat clients, desktop- and web applications.

Users can instantly access and report critical business information, securely via simple chat commands, 24/7 from almost anywhere on the planet.

It only takes a few minutes to enable a new service, and you don't even need programming skills.

Making the most of Instant Messaging

The Instant Messaging technology is rapidly conquering the communication and messaging market.

With IM Agent Manager you can respond instantly to new business needs, by easily creating IM Agents that delivers critical business services to a wide variety of clients like mobile devices, desktop- and web applications.

Why this is extremely valuable for the business

  • Time reduction
  • Competitive advantages
  • ROI - Return on investment
  • No programming skills needed
  • Multilevel security and encryption, based on IBM Sametime
  • Extensive access, to business data, from a wide variety of clients
  • A whole new perspective on existing information

What is an IM Agent?

A digital business agent, enabling access to business services, 24/7, from almost any instant messaging client, e.g. IBM Sametime, Yahoo Messenger, iChat, GoogleTalk and lots of others client types.

The concept is also known as Sametime bots.
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