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How it could be used in a company

Typical use cases for querying and submitting data

An employee, partner or customer could instantly access or report information, related to:
  • CRM, ERP and other core business systems
  • Financial status
  • Product / Part catalog
  • Order / Stock status
  • Calendaring / Appointments
  • Support / Knowledge/ News
  • Time registration
  • Order entry
  • Project ideas
  • etc...

Making you able to use all kinds of data sources, like

  • DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Cloudscape...
  • IBM Notes databases
  • Access, Excel, Navision, Axapta...
  • XML based catalogs / sources
  • Google searches
  • OS process, shell script .bat/.sh and other executable programs
  • Submit data to web applications

Imagine this scenario...

The sales representative, Linda, just arrived in Tokyo airport.
She needs some contact information on the customer who she has a meeting with in 30 minutes.

She uses her phone and starts a chat with her company's IM agent "CRM-Agent", which delivers the answer in less than 2 seconds.

At the meeting the customer asks her for some prices and stock status.

Again she uses her phone and asks the "PartCatalog-Agent" and "Stock-Agent", and gets the replies instantly.

The meeting went very well and all she has left to do is:
  • Register the orders
  • Register the time sheet
  • Read calendar for next days appointments
She does all of this with her phone as well.

This is what IM agents is all about, making things happen instantly.

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