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Whether you know it or not

People in your office are likely using Instant Messaging (IM). They use it to communicate with co-workers, customers, and business partners, and yes, family and friends.
The statistics speak for themselves:

  • Over 90% of enterprises have users accessing IM (Osterman Research)
  • 42% of employees with Internet access use IM (Gartner)
  • More than 74% of all IM was brought into companies via employees (Nemertes Research)
  • IM will be used more than email by 2006 (Giga)
  • Managing and securing IM use will escalate to a "top three" priority for most IT managers in 2004 (The Yankee Group)

Clearly, IM is here to stay. How can you ensure that IM is put to its best use? How can it help to improve productivity, reduce costs, and achieve competitive advantages?

Using IM Agent Manager, you make the most of your investments in Instant Messaging.

Time reduction

Makes you able to dramatically reduce the time spend by enabling and getting access to information.

Security / Encryption

You can deliver critical information without worrying about security. IM Agent Manager is build upon the most secure instant messaging technology (IBM Sametime).

Extensive access from most desktops, devices and applications

Your business services can be reached by almost any device or application, from almost any place on the planet.

No programming skills needed.

You have no need for an expensive development project to enable new services, you can do it yourself, in a few moments.

ROI - Return on investment

If you're using IM already, or plan to, you can make more out of your investment by enabling business services via instant messaging.

A whole new perspective on existing information

With new ways to deliver instant business services to anyone, you can boost your competitive business advantage, and weaken the competition.
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